Do you want to gain control over your promotional expenditure in 3 simple steps? Read on…

In SME’s, promoting your products or services can be one of the biggest killers of cash flow and time. 

Maybe this sounds familiar:

There’s an event coming up.  You’ve been aware of it for six months. Four of those months have now past and you haven’t given it a single thought. It pops into your mind about now-ish & you dismiss it as ‘still a while to go yet’. 

Another month passes & you start thinking hmm I better get some ideas together.  The brainstorm process takes about a week, then you contact 3-4 suppliers.  You put everything into a spreadsheet, compare prices & value for money.  The best options still come out far above budget.  You go back to the suppliers, and go through the same process again.  Meanwhile you’re desperately trying to get the artwork organised & keep your superiors happy at the same time!  Things are getting very tight.  Approval is delayed slightly by the boss.  The job turns to rush-status and the supplier puts up the price to cover the costs incurred.  It now requires airfreight to get them on time – you end up sending them direct to the venue in hope of meeting the courier there.  The big day comes …& goes.  Products nowhere to be seen…you get a call the next day from the venue-provider ‘a pallet’s turned up here addressed to you??’  You turn an unbecoming shade of purple, slam the phone down & promptly tear shreds off the supplier!...ok, that’s a bit exaggerated, but it’s happened to all of us! 

In essence, you’ve wasted all that time, all that extra money, and you’ve got an uneasy relationship with the supplier, not to mention the event attendees who missed out on their gift, and the boss you now have to face!

So, let’s rectify the situation.  We’ve developed a strategy for overcoming these types of situations, bearing in mind that most SME’s are looking for ways to increase efficiency, increase profitability, increase ROI, and decrease costs.  It’s a tool controlling the effective delivery of systematic marketing that will ensure maximum results are achieved in your organisation’s brand recognition and awareness.

Boiled down, the concept is: we organise, in advance, your promotional giftware over a set period (often 12 months) to eliminate the headaches and cost premiums usually associated with rush and ad hoc promotional expenditure.  It’s 3 easy steps…

Sound interesting? Find out more – call 1300 761 777 OR email & tell us you want to know a bit more about PlanImpact!  Ask for your copy of the PlanImpact catalogue.

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