Environmental Policy

We are committed to helping to protect, maintain & preserve the natural environment

Our promise 

We will continually improve our business performance and conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner, clearly reflecting a commitment to fostering the sustainable use of the Earth's resources.

Management will make every possible effort to conform to the most up to date guidelines available on best management practice, and will comply with relevant State and Commonwealth legislation.  All management personnel will be appropriately qualified and trained for the tasks they are required to perform and provision will be made for their continuing professional development.

The Company is committed to

 1.   Considering and minimising any significant adverse environmental impact of operations through the use of integrated environmental planning and processes;

2.   Identifying and managing the Company's environmental footprint, and the associated risks & opportunities;

3.   Preventing pollution, reducing waste and reducing consumption of resources such as materials, fuel and energy;

4.   Recovery and recycling, as opposed to disposal wherever feasible;

5.   Education and training;

6.   Promoting throughout the Company a strong environmental ethic as part of its culture;

7.   Sharing environmental experience and solutions;

8.   Emphasising preventive rather than corrective action;

9.   Regular monitoring of technology to reduce consumption of resources; and

10. Using audits and management reviews to monitor and re-evaluate environmental objectives and targets, and ensuring continual improvement of the Environmental Management System.

In every point of business dealing, where a sustainable option is available, management, staff & representatives of the Company are encouraged to value and recommend this choice, whether it be to a colleague, client, supplier, service provider, or to the general public. 

Thank you for taking the time and consideration to view our Environmental Policy.  Please join us in our efforts to "protect, maintain & preserve the natural environment"!


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